Überdosis Überdosis

A disgraced professional wrestler who fell on hard times after nearly killing an opponent during a match, and was subsequently banned from the sport.

Little is known about His past, and any mention of it typically ends in odd outbursts. An interviewer with the Northeast Exposé once said that after asking about Brodie’s parents, Überdosis lifted the man up, took off his shoes, and chewed them apart like a wild dog, all while remaining completely coherent, Chastising the man like a small child. His real name is unknown, and he only responds to Brodie or Überdosis, never breaking his former wrestling gimmick, mostly because, as far as anyone can tell, he has completely lost his own identity.

The only hint of Überdosis’ past is in his claims to be from Bixby Oklahoma, although it can’t be verified either way. Überdosis lives and breathes the sport of professional wrestling, routinely talking about upcoming matches with well known champions and veterans, some living, some dead. Interviews consist of some lucid conversation broken up by his need to perform promos on anyone and anything. He no longer wears regular street clothes, opting for cutoff denim jackets, black or Camo tights, and a luchador mask. He wears this combination anywhere and everywhere. Oddly enough, He is very loyal, although it typically ends badly for anyone who crosses him. He is maniacal, cold and calculated underneath the persona he exudes outside. This was evidenced in a taped event he routinely talks about against Handsome Jimmy Frost at the Georgia Dome during the GrappleFest main event. Frost made a comment backstage about Überdosis’ manager/girlfriend Sylvia Blade, putting his hands on her shoulders. Former colleagues tell the tale that Überdosis chuckled and even poked fun in response. But one of his former tag partners commented that, as Brodie turned to leave, the smile became demented, almost demonic. During the match, He was setting up his finish when he pulled Frost over the top rope, lacing his arms between the top and middle rope, pulled a chair with nails hammered into the back rest out from under the ring and beat a dangling Frost nearly to death. This event was his undoing. He was barred from performing across the territory system, and was sent to a rehab facility. Currently he’s traveling with mr Robert Zorn as the guitar player for Anger Overdose, as well as trying to become a social media influencer. To that end, his story continues