Robert Zörn Robert Zörn – Vocals / Programming

The front-man of the traveling entertainment act, Anger Overdose. According to him, the last several decades have been spent roaming the earth, collecting souls on his “Pillage the Village” tour as the demonic ringmaster of a circus built for torture and debauchery of all kinds, employed with crazies and creatures of all walks of life, of which Brodie Überdosis is his right-hand man. Other than Brodie, all others must call him Mr. Zörn. He wears a fully functional skull mask which he never removes. It’s unknown weather it’s just a mask, or his actual skull. 

Zorn’s past is a little more discernible than Brodie Überdosis’, however much of it cannot be fully confirmed, and Zorn is known to embellish events depending on how it aligns with the purview of his story. 

According to Zörn, he was born a human child to fairly successful parents in the late 1800’s. His father was a banker with Jensen & Barrows Federal Trust in Georgetown, Louisiana, and his mother was a seamstress with what us now the largest clothing retailer still operational since the pandemic, Parson’s. 

During his childhood he was always the entertainer. He would put on vaudeville style shows for the neighborhood kids, and was always the center of attention in school. That is, until one day when some new kids joined his school. They moved from Connecticut after their father was released from prison following grand larceny charges, lost his job, and the boys’ mother to an opium overdose. 

The two boys immediately targeted Zorn, and for the next 4 years, beat and tortured him daily. What the boys didn’t realize is that Zorn was plotting his revenge. For several months prior, Zorn had been stealing his mother’s sewing needles and dipping them into the carcass of rabid dogs that had been euthanized at the local shelter. He would carefully hide them in a small tin and prick the boys’ arms each day during the fight. Several days after the last fight, both boys began to show signs of infection, and died within a week. Unfortunately, In his celebration, Zorn unknowingly stuck himself with a tainted pin. Strangely, he would remain unaffected for years, and would continue his silent crime spree well into adulthood. -And then, everything changed- 

One afternoon during a train heist, Zorn broke into the dining car thinking the train was only on a resupply run, and was empty. When he crossed over the threshold, he was met by a group of military and mercenary men headed for the Texas/Mexico boarder. A gunfight ensued, leaving Zorn to bleed out on in a ditch, having been thrown from the train at the Three Rivers overpass. 

Days later, Zorn woke up. He found himself in a cabin by a small lake, overlooking an abandoned carnival. But something was different. He was alone, but he felt as if he was being watched. As the days in the cabin wore on he felt more and more crowded in his head. At one point a family of tourists found themselves lost in the woods near Zorn. He initially wanted to help, but they never made it out. What’s worse is, his mind was eased. He knew there was no way to continue so far away from civilization, and the voices didn’t stay away for very long. He only had one option….So, he took his act on the road.